Fresh Paper Flower Set

Fresh Paper Flower Set

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Paper flower wall art is unique and the perfect piece to decorate your baby’s nursery, home office, or bedroom. It can also be used as a backdrop or party piece for Bridal/Baby Showers and special events. Each piece is made by myself (Amy!) by hand meaning every piece is bespoke!

This set includes (in your chosen colours):

- 2 flowers of approx 11” diameter
- 2 poppy styles of approx 4” diameter
- 2 Leaves (styles can be changed)

Please state when ordering what colours you would like, if matching to a room I have many shades of colours so drop me a message and I can try to help!

If using for decor above a cot I advise using command strips (I can link you if needed)

Feel free to message if you have any ideas for custom orders 💕

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